Julian House - Ghost Box Tuesday 26 May 2009 03:22
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I stumbled across this artwork via a Linefeed blog post. This a style I'm really liking at the moment, a simple yet chaotic collage of vibrant colour and tones. The artwork was created by Julian House of UK-based design group Intro (formerly headed up by Adrian Shaughnessy). House and Shaughnessy worked together on the popular ‘Sampler’ series of books on music packaging. Working with Intro has allowed House to be able to indulge in his distinct fascination with music. Through the studio he has orchestrated whole campaigns (from packaging to various print collateral to music videos) for musical groups as diverse as Primal Scream, Stereolab, Broadcast, Martina Topley Bird, The Progeny, Razorlite and Oasis, often under the credit ‘House @ Intro’. He has also had the time to help set up the Ghost Box record label, for which he creates all the artwork, and records his own music under the moniker, The Focus Group. He is currently launching his first solo exhibition based around the work of various artists on the Ghost Box label, expanding the ideas behind it into a fictional village where unexplained phenomenon occurs on an irregular basis.



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