"a usage app for multiple accounts with slick interactions"

Brilliant Basics

"a usage app for multiple accounts with slick interactions"

I was brought into the project at UI stage, working with the Brilliant Basics team at the Telenet HQ in Belgium. Telenet are Belgium's big telephone and internet provider and the the app's core function is to show data usage across multiple accounts and devices, whilst also offering w-fi setup to devices with help and access to the shop.

I was working closely alongside the UX and development team, and utilising the motion graphics team to visualise our idea's within a very agile environment. Prototypes were being assembled for user testing within very tight time frames so we could design the best possible user experience based on user feedback.

“visualising the difference between unlimited and restricted data”

We had to come up with a second method of displaying the data usage for unlimited users. It was an easy enough choice to show restricted usage in a way that the amount of data simply runs out, but when this isn't the case we came up with the idea of a colour based pulsating orb. Within the billing system, though data didn't run out for unlimited users, there is a point reached where add-ons were required.

One of the major challenges was to visualise a way to show devices on the user's network via different access points, which could have been modems, powerline adapters or access points. From here the user is able to check their connectivity, address issues and/or access the help and shop area's to remedy any problems.